What sandwiches do you prefer:

Fish or caviar butter
None of the above

Quality System

Production module is the most important element of the «Typhoon 2000» team. The company development policy determines two fundamental principles – quality and safety of the manufactured products, and in its work the production follows contemporary quality management systems, namely State Standard of Ukraine, ISO 9001 – 2001 (ISO 9001:2000), ISO 22000:2005 (НАССР). Therefore, high requirements to the quality of appetizers provide for high requirements to all the components: technology, hardware and machinery, sanitation and hygiene, production conditions, transportation, storage and especially to the raw materials.

During the whole production cycle sanitary norms, developed for the food processing industry, are strictly observed. All the production premises and equipment are treated with contemporary disinfectants, having a wide range of anti-microbial action. They are safe for human health, environmentally friendly and permitted to use in food industry. For disinfecting the air on the production premises bactericidal lamps have been installed.

Quality control at all the stages of production is carried out by the chief process engineer service. In its work the production module follows modern quality management systems.
Production quality management system corresponds to the requirements of ISO 9001 – 2001, which is confirmed by certificate № UA 2.003.1268.