What sandwiches do you prefer:

Fish or caviar butter
None of the above


On the Ukrainian market company «Taifun-2000» has been working for about 9 years. The company started with an innovative product, which was out of competition (Appetizer «Picnic-menu»), and continues its successful development in this niche, exploring the market with this product and expanding it by launching new ones.

The company history dates back to 2000, when the specialists of the laboratory in cooperation with the researchers of Kharkiv State University of Nutrition and Trade developed and introduced a new product for the Ukrainian market – Appetizer ТМ «Picnic-menu».

Under the mark of «Picnic-menu» in 2000 an innovative product of the spread category was launched. The pilot batch consisted of the 4-item product range: «Mushroom», «Cheese», «Hot», «Cucumber».
The company grew rapidly, due to being highly competitive on the market, professionalism and determination of the company managers. As a result we created production facilities with modern equipment.

Our product category developed intensively, spreads have been among the most demanded products in the conditions of the contemporary hectic life rhythm. Thus the niche of spreads and ready-made appetizers (including the hot ones), was selected for expanding the product portfolio of «Picnic-menu» mark.

Today ТМ «Picnic-menu» offers 3 products:
  1. Appetizer
  2. Julienne
  3. Innovation – specialty cheese

At the moment «Taifun -2000» company is ready to offer 5 products: appetizers, specialty cheese, juliennes, juice-jelly and jelly with fruit.