What sandwiches do you prefer:

Fish or caviar butter
None of the above


«Taifun -2000» company takes pride in its well-developed distribution system, based on reliable and long-term partnership relations with the most trustworthy wholesalers.
In 2006 in order to optimize the sales Trading house «Taifun-2000» was established.
Production of «Taifun -2000» LLC is presented in all the regions of Ukraine and several regions of Russian Federation.

The sales are carried out in all the kinds of outlets – from supermarkets to corner shops.

«Taifun-2000» LLC has an established logistic system and stock management. The warehouse is a specially equipped building with constant temperature mode, necessary for storing appetizers «Picnic-menu» in compliance with the specifications and sanitary requirements. The warehouse is equipped with mechanized equipment.
Shipments of goods are carried out according to the schedule. The sales department guarantees timely and full meeting the needs of the market in the production of «Taifun-2000» company.

The delivery to our partners’ warehouses is by specialized vehicles, equipped with refrigerating units, securing the compliance with the storage conditions regardless of distance and destination.
The sales department priority is the development of the efficient distribution system, meeting the requirements of contemporary economy, market expansion and establishment of long-term relations with partners.