What sandwiches do you prefer:

Fish or caviar butter
None of the above


Introduction of innovations, based on the needs of the market, that enable to react to the changes in demand and take into account the strongest points of the competitors’ activities is one of the components of the company dynamic development and improvement of its competitive position.

«Taifun-2000» LLC has modern research and development potential for the development and introduction of new technologies in manufacturing food products.
The Innovative technologies department in cooperation with academic, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Pivovarov Pavel Petrovich has been doing efficient research work.
Creative approach to work and the accumulated experience of technological developments encourages the creation of unique food products in terms of their taste and consumer properties.
 Marketing department team have been thoroughly studying and analyzing food products and consumer preferences on the market. Based on these surveys new kinds of products are developed. In the result the market is supplied only with the products in demand.
The essential result of the innovative technologies department team is in new food products, launched and manufactured at the production facilities of «Taifun-2000» and «Chigrinov», comprising « Taifun » group.
The implementation of theoretical and applied research has enabled to develop the products, fundamentally new for the Ukrainian market – appetizers «Picnic-menu», Juliennes «Chigrinov», juice-jelly and jelly with natural fruit and berries, dairy and cream desserts etc.